A whole new world of opportunities awaits you on the other side of the Dell Augmented Hackathon. 

All you have to do is make a submission by

To make a submission:


Pick a theme


Create your submission deck (refer to guidelines below)


Upload it along with your
CV and supporting links

Submission Deck Format:


Slide 1

Your introduction and theme of choice. 


Slide 2

A description of your idea in no more than 150 words. 


Slide 3

What is your vision for this idea five years in the future? Elaborate on how you would go about executing this in the first 18 months?


Slide 4


What tools, sensors, and applications would you need to execute your idea? 


Slide 5


Supporting materials or appendices. Feel free to include links, sketches, diagrams, or development architecture of what your idea would look like.

Submission Deck Guidelines:

1   Your deck should strictly be limited to no more than five


2   Feel free to express yourself and explore your imagination.

There is no right or wrong answer.


3   Your latest submission will be considered your final submission.

4   More details on the Hackathon will be provided upon shortlisting.

5   Your idea should be original and reflect your individual skill and creativity. Plagiarism is sufficient grounds for immediate disqualification.

6 This submission is intended to evaluate your thought process for shortlisting. The idea in your submission will not be carried forward to the Hackathon weekend. 

Are you ready
to submit?

Evaluation Criteria

Your ideas will be reviewed and judged by top executives at Dell.

JT_Dell Augmented Hackathon_Icons_V1_Inn


of the Idea

How original, creative and impactful is the idea?

JT_Dell Augmented Hackathon_Icons_V1_Pla


Ability to support the idea with an executable and logical plan and tools required to execute

JT_Dell Augmented Hackathon_Icons_V1_Res

Research and

Due Diligence

Exhibit ground work to support feasibility of the idea and knowledge of current developments

JT_Dell Augmented Hackathon_Icons_V1_Por

Past projects
& Portfolio

Exhibit evidence of your skills and capabilities