Dell Hackathon, Singapore

(Participants from all over Asia are welcome) 

Give people the tools to succeed and something incredible happens. They succeed.

When, where, and how people do their jobs is changing at unprecedented speed. As digital transformation accelerates, working habits evolve and technology creates new possibilities, so we all want to work the way we want, without restrictions, collaborating with one another in a natural, seamless way.


We at Dell Technologies want to shape this future, and invite you to join us.

At Dell Technologies’ Experience Innovation Group (EIG), we’re passionate about creating the tools that can drive more productive & more enjoyable work: superior products and augmented experiences for the unique needs of an ever-changing workforce.


Of course, we can’t build amazing products without amazing people.

At the Dell Augmented Hackathon, we’re looking for multi-skilled creators, tinkerers and explorers to join our team and help us imagine, design and build revolutionary tools to shape the Future of Work.


If you love challenging yourself, thinking outside the box and building cool stuff, we want to work with you!

This is your chance to be part of Dell Technologies and make amazing things. 

Alongside seeing some great ideas, talent-spotting is a key objective for this hackathon - selected participants will be offered a full-time position at Dell’s Singapore-based Experience Innovation Group.

At Dell’s Experience Innovation Group, you’ll get to use your skills to build ground-breaking products and experiences, and use your ideas
to make a real impact on our customers.

We're hiring!


Software Developers

UI/UX Designers

System Architects

Hardware embedded engineers

and more!

Stand to win amazing prizes!

You can win more than a new career!

There is a prize pool of S$25,000 and select Dell products in store for the winning teams:

Shortlisted participants flying to Singapore for the Hackathon will receive a travel grant to subsidise their travel and accommodation expenses.


Submit your idea to address one of the hackathon's three key themes.

1. Immersive Productivity

We all want to commit 100% to the work that matters to us, and eliminate distractions. The key to boosting people’s productivity is understanding the concept of flow. 

2. Always


Speed matters. We can’t spend time getting ready to do work. We want to hit the ground running. We need tools and environments that are ready to go when we are. 

3. Working


We work better together. Collaboration is paramount to our success, but we all come from different backgrounds and have different styles. We need technology that can break barriers and bring us together.

Participant Journey


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For all Applicants of our Hackathon great news!

Unity have sponsored access to 1000 Learn Premium accounts for participants of the Dell Augmented Hackathon.


To claim your account, simply submit the Apply Now form and you will receive the code in the confirmation email!